Black and white 120 film

If you are aiming for the old school, classic look
- try some of these great black and white 120 films.

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Kodak Professional Tri-X 400

Iso 400  •  Classic  •  Bestseller

The world's best-selling black and white medium format film is also a personal favourite of ours. It produces great old school noir results, especially together with the Holga camera. A perfect film to use on a rainy day!

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Lomography Black and white ISO 100

Iso 100  •  Cheap  •  Lo-Fi

Very cheap black and white 120 film! Right now you can buy a box of three rolls for only $10.99 on Amazon. Use this film in dark conditions together with a flash and you will get really nice high contrast photos like these.

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Ilford FP4 Plus ISO 125

Iso 125  •  Basic  •  Deep tones

A good medium speed film for basic black and white photography. It has very nice contrasts and good deep tones. It's very fine grain makes it perfect if you want to make enlargements out of your photos.

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Ilford Delta 3200 Professional

Iso 3200  •  Low light  •  Visible grain

This super-high speed black and white 120 film is ideal for fast action and low light photography. It also features a fat film grain for that authentic old-school look. But be careful. Delta 3200 is very sensetive to light, so avoid using it in too bright lightning conditions.

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