10 inspiring ways to display your vintage camera collection

It’s about time to get your pretty vintage cameras out the boxes and onto the shelves. Don’t only use them to take photos – use them to decorate your home as well! Here are ten awesome ideas to get you started.

Which one is your favourite?


  1. Yeah, I love the chalkboard and the cameras within the frames too. I also think that the first one of the two small images, is a nice solution – where the cameras are placed on top of the square shaped boxes.

  2. hey there! I just found and bought a POLAROID COLOR PACK 80 …. can you tell me what do outhink about this? thanks


  3. Hi Malleus! Unfortunately I have no experience using the Polaroid Color Pack 80. But it looks like a very cool camera though!

    Have fun with your new camera!

  4. I love the framed cameras. I would love to do this but I like to touch and explore my cameras….

    Thanks for the great ideas!

  5. I have just found a coronet ambassador. how do I get it open to get the film in??

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