Kodak Tri-X – My favourite black and white 120 film

Tri-X is a classic black and white film produced by Kodak and it has almost gained an iconic status in the world of analog photography. It has also become my own preferred choice when it comes to black and white films.

Kodak Tri-X was one of the first high speed black and white photographic films to be made. It was first introduced in the year 1940 as large format sheet film. 14 years later, in 1954, it became widely available as 120 film and 35mm film and it would become very popular among both beginners as well as professional photographers.

Kodak Tri-X film boxBrazilian documentary photographer Sebastião Salgado had once said “Tri-X supports a lot of light. Even when I overexpose it delivers truly beautiful tones.” The world’s best selling black and white 35 mm and 120 films create the classic grain structure for low light and action. Kodak Tri-X is known to produce fine grain, high sharpness, wide exposure latitude and the TRI-X 400 has a maximum push ability of EI 1600.

I think Kodak Tri-X is a great choice if you are aiming for a timeless and classic feeling in your photos. The film is ideal for landscapes, portraits and to capture action in low light settings. Having said that it would be inaccurate if one does consider the Kodak Tri-X to be undesirable in any setting.

Check out these examples of Kodak Tri-X photos:




Nopal 219.7

Sign of Hope

Olympic Torch Stand, Kingston, Ontario - Voigtländer Brillant


Murdered Tree

Kodak Tri-X portrait

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