Medium format self portrait in a mirror

Self portraits with medium format cameras

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What to do when you don’t have an available model or an interesting subject? You shoot a self portrait of course! Here are some examples of beautiful self portraits by people using 120 film and vintage medium format cameras. For … Read full post

Person jumping from cliff in the summer

15 medium format reminders of the summer

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At the moment the summer seems very far away – at least up here in a cold and snowy Sweden. So, I thought it might be appropriate to dream at bit about the summer and let us be inspired by … Read full post

Animal photo shot with medium format film

10 beautiful medium format animal photos

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Have a look at this collection of some truly beautiful medium format animal photographs from our Flickr group. If you want your work to be featured in future blog posts don’t hesitate to join our Flickr group and share your … Read full post


10 marvellous medium format cityscapes

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Check out this collection of some marvellous medium format photos from cities such as Tokyo, New York, Berlin, Amman, Montreal, São Paulo and Hong Kong. If you want your work to be featured in future blog posts please join our … Read full post

120 film photo album

How to organize your 120 film negatives and prints

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For a long time I wasn’t very good at organizing my medium format photos and negatives. I realized that I needed a better archival solution that would make it easier to find specific photos and to browse through my work … Read full post

Redscale 120 film

Getting experimental with redscale film

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If you are into experimental film photography I definitely think that redscale film is something you should try out. I’ve shot quite a few rolls of redscale film recently so I thought it might be a good time to take … Read full post

Yashica-A 120 film multi exposure by Marcus Rydling

10 awesome multi exposures

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Check out these awesome and inspiring examples of medium format multi-exposures by the talented photographers in our Flickr group. Impressive work by: Arnaud Tudoret, Red Kiwi Photography, Urca, Sarah Gilland, Anittas, Rachel Winslow, Marcus Rydling. If you want to be … Read full post