10 marvellous medium format cityscapes

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Check out this collection of some marvellous medium format photos from cities such as Tokyo, New York, Berlin, Amman, Montreal, São Paulo and Hong Kong. If you want your work to be featured in future blog posts please join our … Read full post

120 film photo album

How to organize your 120 film negatives and prints

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For a long time I wasn’t very good at organizing my medium format photos and negatives. I realized that I needed a better archival solution that would make it easier to find specific photos and to browse through my work … Read full post

Girl holding a Diana medium format camera

5 reasons why you should get into medium format photography

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Medium format photography is fun, exciting and challenging! Here are my top five reasons why I think you should consider buying your first medium format camera and dive into the world of analog photography today. 1. The square format Most … Read full post