Beautiful examples of winter photography

Check out these ten beautiful examples of medium format winter photography by the talented photographers in our Flickr group. Please post a comment below and let us know which photo that is your personal favourite!


hasselblad 006

faded indigo

Can't Park

Three kids in the snow


Fox in the Snow, Where do you Go...?


Åre 2

Motel Restaurant


  1. These are absolutely stunning.

    I have a 1957 YashicaMat (actually I have 2), but the lenses have strange aberrations after the years leaving strange warps and blisters on the photographs. Nevertheless I love them; they have character.

    I really want to do more 120 photography and it’s great to know there are more people out there who don’t want to let this medium die. Thank you for posting these, I’ll keep following 🙂

  2. Hi Erika and thanks for your comment!

    Awesome! I’ve actually been thinking of getting a Yashica Mat 124 for a while now. I’ve got a Yashica-A that I really like and use a lot.

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