Color 120 film

The spring and the summer is without doubt the best seasons for using color film. Try a few rolls of our favourite medium format films listed here - and let your colors burst!

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Kodak Professional Portra 160VC

Iso 160  •  Portrait  •  Professional

Fine grain, medium contrast and vivid colors. Kodak Portra is a professional portrait film made to create natural looking skin tones. Use it in daylight or with flash. Also available as ISO 400.

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Fujifilm Fujicolor Pro 400H

Iso 400  •  Natural  •  Fashion  •  Portrait

A medium format film known for producing smooth, natural-looking skin tones and therefore perfectly suited for portrait and fashion photography. It also has the reputation for being a great film for shooting weddings. It works well in a wide variety of lighting.

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Fujifilm Reala ISO 100

Iso 100  •  Realistic  •  All-round

If you are after the natural and realistic look, Reala is the 120 film of your choice. It is a good allround-film and it works just as good for portraits as for landscapes. Nice colors, superb grain and sharpness. Suitable for shooting in daylight.

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Lomography Redscale ISO 100

Iso 100  •  Redscale  •  Experimental

If you want something out of the ordinary try Lomography Redscale film. It produces lovely warm shades of red, yellow and sometimes even pink. It might just be the perfect 120 film to buy for the gray and cloudy winter months.

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