Medium format cameras

This is a selection of some popular medium format
cameras that fit perfectly with your 120 film.

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Holga camera

The Holga camera was the first medium format camera that I bought, and it still is one of my favourite lo-fi cameras. It is almost entirely made of plastic and it produces lovely dreamy images. Vignetting, light leaks, and other distortions are all part of the charm. And you look really cool when you are using it!

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  • Holga medium format camera
  • Holga camera seen from above
  • Holga camera back

Diana camera

The Diana is a lo-fi medium format camera originally produced in the 1960's. This re-production is manufactuerd by Lomography and produces the same dreamy, radiant, lo-fi images as the original camera.

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  • Diana F+ medium format camera
  • Diana camera kit
  • Flash for Diana camera

Lubitel 166 + twin lens camera

Lubitel is a really cool retro looking 120 film camera, originally manufactured in Russia by the legendary company Lomo. The production started back in 1977, but today it is being re-produced by Lomography. With this camera you get sharp, crispy, artistic pictures.

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  • Lubitel 166+ Twin Lens Camera
  • Lubitel 166+ camera box
  • Lubitel 166+ Twin Lens Camera

Holga camera starter kit

This is a great kit if you want to get into experimental medium format photography with 120 film. It includes the Holga camera, 120 film, and a really good book full of inspiration and photography tips.

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  • Holga starter kit content
  • Holga starter kit box
  • Book included in the Holga starter kit