Multi Exposure Portrait

10 marvellous multi exposure portraits

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I’ve always liked experimenting with double exposures. It’s a lot of fun and it gives you endless creative possibilities. Check out this collection of some marvellous multi exposure portraits gathered from our Flickr group. For more inspiration and details on … Read full post

Medium format self portrait in a mirror

Self portraits with medium format cameras

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What to do when you don’t have an available model or an interesting subject? You shoot a self portrait of course! Here are some examples of beautiful self portraits by people using 120 film and vintage medium format cameras. For … Read full post

Vintage Medium Format Camera

10 absolutely gorgeous vintage cameras

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Time to expand your vintage camera collection with some new beauties? Then check out this collection of ten absolutely gorgeous medium format cameras and box cameras. Post a comment and let me know which one is your favourite! You might … Read full post

Pink Holga 120 film camera

Valentine’s gift ideas for the analog photographer

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With Valentine’s day coming up very soon it’s about time to buy your gifts for your loved ones. Here is a list of gift suggestions that I think any analog photographer would appreciate. I wish you all a happy Valentine’s … Read full post

Medium format landscape photo

15 incredible medium format landscape photos

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I’ve found some really incredible and inspiring landscape photos in our Flickr group. Here is a collection of my favourites from places such as China, Italy, Wales, UK, Canada and USA. Remember to join our Flickr group and share your … Read full post

Ski slope shot with 120 film

Beautiful examples of winter photography

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Check out these ten beautiful examples of medium format winter photography by the talented photographers in our Flickr group. Please post a comment below and let us know which photo that is your personal favourite!

Photo of Anton Corbijn

3 must-see photography documentaries

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I’ve seen several good photography documentaries recently and I particularly liked these three documentaries about Anton Corbijn, Edward Burtynsky and Gregory Crewdson. Anton Corbijn Inside Out (2012) I’ve been a huge fan of Anton Corbijn for many years and I … Read full post

Person jumping from cliff in the summer

15 medium format reminders of the summer

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At the moment the summer seems very far away – at least up here in a cold and snowy Sweden. So, I thought it might be appropriate to dream at bit about the summer and let us be inspired by … Read full post